Why are you teaching these vocabulary words? When is my child ever going to need to use the word flamingo?

I am participating in a parent/child class. May I bring other children with me?

My child is only two and still working on speaking English. I'm afraid she'll be confused learning a new language.

    My child has an allergy. What is your snack/food policy?

    My child already speaks the target language (or is a complete beginner). Will she/he be challenged enough (or be overwhelmed)?



    What degree of language competency typically results from ongoing participation?

    My child has been taking [the target language] for an entire session and has learned a lot. If she signs up for the "same course" next quarter, will she learn anything new? Or will it be a repeat of what she has already learned?

    The weather outside is lovely, and I'd like my child to be outdoors. Do you have any outdoor play time?

    Can I hire a private tutor through The Purple School?

    If I'm running late to pick up my child from class, how do I contact the classroom (and what is the fee for a late pick up)?

    Can I buy The Purple School flashcards or other learning materials?

    Is there homework for The Purple School language classes?

How Can I Help My Child When I Don't Speak the Target Language?

How does any of this relate to the color purple?