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2016 Spanish Language Bee Participant Website

Welcome to The Purple SchoolSM!

The Purple School specializes in teaching second languages to kids. Started in 2001 with just one foreign language, we now teach ten different second languages to kids (Chinese, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese). We have a presence in several states (Washington, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania) and are continuing to grow! For more information about languages already offered in your community or to start new, fun, and interactive language classes, contact us at info@ThePurpleSchool.com!

Little People BILINGUAL Dreams! SM

The Purple School uses music, chants, and games to make learning languages fun and memorable. The Purple School's 31 child-centered categories of learning provides the substantive framework for students to learn a new language in a very structured way which is logical to both kids and parents. In each of the 31 categories, there are 150 exciting items to learn. In the colors category, for example, learning items #1 (red) and #2 (green) allows the kids to start playing Red Light, Green Light almost right away. As they progress through learning up to 150 colors, they will learn #13 (gold) and #14 (silver) which increases their options when playing color tag. And by the time they learn #18 (lime green) and #25 (neon), they may be playing a lively game of karuta with 25 cards!