Hints for Crossword Puzzles!

When doing Purple School crossword puzzles, it is important to spell with accents. For example, if the answer is pjaro, you must type the "a" with the accent, i.e. as . Otherwise, the answer will be wrong. In puzzles created by Eclipse, you can type letters with accents as follows:


Some additional hints:

There's a slight delay so you will have to wait a second or two for the letter to appear after entering the command.

Also, either alt button (on the left of the space bar or the right) should work

You may need to have the number lock turned on

Don't worry about whether the letters are upper or lower case. They will automatically convert to upper case in the Eclipse crossword puzzle

Alternative: Instead of using the keystrokes identified above, you could instead copy letters you need from this document. Toggle back to the Crossword puzzle (alt-tab), and drop the accented letter into your answer as needed.