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My child has a food allergy.  What is The Purple School's food/snack policy?

Orig: 8/5/08

Last revised: 3/4/13

For baby/toddlers and preschoolers, we ask parents to feed your children before class to help kids keep their focus and to help prevent distracting side activity. If you absolutely need to feed your child during class, please do so discreetly.

For elementary school kid classes, we provide a supervised break time mid-way through the two-hour class (so please send a snack with your child!). We ask the children not to eat at any time other than during the snack/break time (this rule includes no gum or candy during class).  Also, we do not allow children to share their snacks, and teachers are not allowed to give children any food. Please reinforce to your children that we are doing this for the safety of all kids.  If there is a special occasion (for example, a birthday or cultural holiday), a student or teacher may ask for permission up front. Please give at least a week's notice, and we'll contact all the parents and confirm whether it's okay or not okay for their child to have some of the special treat. If we don't get permission back from, we cannot give your child the shared snack.  Thanks for your understanding!  ;-)