Q: Can I get a private tutor through The Purple School?


Yes, we can help students set up private tutoring arrangements. The cost starts at $32 an hour for one person (plus $10 per hour each additional person), depending on the teacher's experience and on the frequency and length of the tutoring sessions. We run the background checks and hire teachers who have both teaching experience and experience with children. We will send you a bio for you to review and approve before the tutor starts. If the tutor does not work out to your liking, we can try a new one.

We generally prefer out teachers not to tutor students who are currently in their classes because it can create a challenging dynamic for the entire class (the other children may feel there is a "favorite" because the teacher and tutored child has a relationship outside of the classroom). However, we have accommodated the request under special circumstances when the teacher has been available.

For all tutoring, The Purple School charges the family and then pays the teacher through regular payroll. Teachers are not allowed to work directly for families they meet through their employment with The Purple School while they are employed with The Purple School and for a period of three months after the end of their employment with the Purple School.  We have this policy for the protection of all our students since a direct relationship between student and teacher who met through the Purple School would encourage the "poaching" of teachers and teacher turnover, which is not good for the kids or school in general. An important benefit of our programs is curriculum and teacher consistency and we believe our consistency is enhanced by this policy and appreciate your attentiveness to this important policy.   ;-)