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Q: My child has been taking [the target language] for an entire session and has learned a lot. If she signs up for the "same course" next quarter, will she learn anything new? Or will it be a repeat of what she has already learned?

A: This is a great question which is asked a lot. Every session is dynamic, depending on the levels of the students who register for the class. Because we have a lot of "repeat" students, the classes tend to be continuations with teachers used to catching up any new students who join in. For example, let's say it's a 6-10 year old class and that the students have learned all of basic conversation 1-25. During the next session, they will focus on Basic Conversation 26-50 while reviewing 1-25. The new kids will be learning items from 26-50 from scratch like the returning students. When the class "studies" 1-25, it will be review for the returning students and new material for the new students. See more information at the FAQ regarding mixed level classrooms. For a baby/toddler class, we have over 90 songs/poems we use. The session will always include new material, even if it's a mix of new and returning students. We have a very high returning student rate so the class always continues to advance, and our teachers are adept at integrating the new students. Q: On the flip side for kids who are joining later, will they feel overwhelmed or like they have missed to much? A: Great question. Our sessions are like Sesame Street or Diego/Dora episodes. Each class and session works great stand-alone. But there are a lot of songs, vocabulary that are common from class to class and session to session. The teaching method is constant throughout (a goal of eight vocabulary words each class taught through songs, games, and immersion to the extent possible).