It's the summer and I'd like my child to be outdoors. Do you have any outdoor play time?

Last revised: 5/8/09

Outside Activities.  If it is a nice day, our teachers may (if they feel it is safe) take children who attend class at the Northwest Arts Center outdoors, for example, to play "Mr. Wolf, what time is it?" or other games in the target language. We ask the teachers to do so only if they have spent adequate time coaching and talking to the children before going outside about the need to listen to the teacher, to stay safe, and to have a positive "attitude of gratitude" about the outdoor play (rather than complain when it is time to head back in). The teachers will also tell the students that it is a privilege to be able to go outdoors sometimes and poor conduct could result in the kids not enjoying the privilege in future classes. If a child suffers a bee sting or other outdoor problem, it should be treated (call 9-1-1 if necessary and/or there is a first aid kit in each classroom at the Northwest Arts Center), and an incident/injury report should be filled out. Note the children should never be allowed to go outside (even during break time) without a teacher outside with them."  ;-)