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Q: We'd like to purchase flashcards so we can study at home. What are our options?

A: We have several options.

1) You can buy one complete set of 3x5” flashcards (the set includes dividers and comes in its own box). The full boxed set includes #1-25 in each of the 31 categories. The set is $125 for the set. Sorry, it’s so expensive – we have to manually make each set and buy the materials for each set (box, index cards, ink, labor, etc.). This amount just covers our costs.

2) You can buy a 16-page photocopied list of our 31 categories with the first 25 words in each category. This is the equivalent of high level “cheat sheets” and doesn’t include any graphics. This is $6.

3) You can buy individual sets of 3x5” flashcards for $5 each (for example, you could choose the most commonly used categories, e.g. “animals”, “basic conversation”, “colors”, and “verbs”) and get a set of 1-25 in each of those categories. This solution allows you to focus on one category at a time and get a sense of how (and if) you will use the flashcards.

4) You can buy super-sized “flashcards.” You’d choose a category, e.g. cars and vehicles, and would receive a 3-ring binder of the first 25 words in that category. Each “flashcard” in the 3-ring binder comes in its own page protector which allows for better durability than the 3x5” flashcards. This would be $12 each (again, just covering our costs because of the cost of the binder, the page protectors, the paper and ink, and the labor of assembling the notebooks, etc.).

Last updated: 3/15/2010