Here's what schools, parents and children have to say about our classes!

"[My daughter] is absolutely loving the Spanish class." 1/26/2016

"[Our students are enjoying the Purple School program very much. Many of our parents have shared that their kids talk about Spanish at home and have positive things to say about their activities." 1/17/2016

"Class is over already!? Aawww!" (regularly)

"We . . . wanted to thank you for allowing [our kindergartner] to have this opportunity. . . . Thanks again for a great year. [Our kindergartner] has learned so much." 5/23/2015.

"[My 2nd-grade daughter] had a great time at Spanish class!" 5/22/2015.

"[My 4th grader] really enjoys Spanish and I think she has a real knack for it. Her and I have been talking about how great she's doing and she showed interest in continuing. She was really excited when I mentioned how much of a head start she would have for college foreign language courses if she continued on. . . . Thanks so much for the Spanish Bee! That was so much fun!" 5/22/2015.

"I love The Purple School, and I think it's awesome"). 5-year-old, 3/19/2015.
"Purple School is the best part of my week." 1st grader, 2/8/2015.

"Our students look forward to this each week." Julie Quamme, Principal, St. Joseph School, 4/20/2014.

November 16, 2013 (Kindergarten teacher, Beth Boyeff)

“My son had a choice to go to a birthday party or come to class. He chose class!”

"We have taken a lot of toddler classes. This is the best one ever and it is a two-for-one (parent gets to learn alongside the toddler)!" March 2008.

"We have been looking for years to increase our daughter's interest in learning Chinese. You are the best thing to happen to her!" February 2008.

"My daughter always looks forward to coming to class!" December 2007.

"The teacher is such a great mix of disciplined and enthusiastic. My kids are like class so they're happy and they're learning a lot so I'm happy." 2006.

"The teacher's enthusiasm is contagious." March 2005.

"Great class, great job." March 2004.

"It has been almost one year since our son attended the Chinese Saturday classes. His Chinese is improving a lot and the most impressive thing is he also understands Chinese culture more and more. It helps a parent like me who grew up in Taiwan and Chinese is my native language to educate the kids to know bi-culture. This short note cannot express all the appreciate to your effort and time to make so many chances for our son . . . But I still want to say thank you to you." February 2003.