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Marcella was born and raised in Italy. She lived in Italy until moving to the US in June 2008. She went to a scientific high school and earned an Advanced degree in Computer Science at the University in Bari, Italy. Marcella's native language is Italian. She studied Latin for 8 years. Having an advanced level of Latin helps Marcella write and speak Italian correctly. In Italy, Marcella studied English for 8 years. Marcella worked for an international computer company and spoke English daily. Her friends and colleagues were so impressed with her English that she was asked to give English classes to their young children. Marcella thoroughly enjoyed teaching a second language to these young children. She believes the perfect age to learn another language is when one is a young child. Marcella also has a background as an artist and teacher of arts and crafts. As a previous teacher of "foreign" languages and with her experience as a teacher of arts and crafts, Marcella is very excited to teach Italian to young children in an engaging and dynamic way.